Family Council

What is the Family Council?

The EEU Family Council is a way for families and caregivers of EEU students to get involved in the EEU community and provide direct support to the school, classroom and community.

MISSION: The Family Council’s mission is to engage, connect, and celebrate all EEU families as well as support and express gratitude to the broader EEU community through organizing events and fundraising.

What does the Family Council do?

Family council organizes a number of school events throughout the school year to connect and support the school community.

How do I join the Family Council?

As an EEU parent or caregiver, you’re already a member! We know extended family members and other friends of the EEU often want to help support the school, as well, so please feel free to share information with others.

How do I keep up to date on Family Council activities, events, and needs for help?

Contact the Family Council (