As a school we are committed to creating an inclusive and equitable community by addressing ongoing inequities in access, service delivery, and outcomes.  This vision for the EEU was developed by the Equity Change Team and is the foundation for the work we have been doing as a staff around equity and diversity issues.  As we continue our learning and efforts to create positive change, we want to invite families and community members to participate in our efforts to create a more inclusive world by being life-long learners, celebrating diversity, focusing on children and their families, & bringing joy to our community. Read more about the history of the Equity Change Team here. Take a look at our Equity Vision and Mission Below is a description of the various levels of involvement with the Equity Team as well as information on how to express interest or ask questions about the team. Change
  • Who: Staff and families who have completed race and equity training and committed to at least 1 year working with the team through monthly meetings
  • Roles: Connecting with King County/Systems, Completing Center Assessment, Creating Goals (with community support)
  • Who: Any interested staff and families
  • Role: Subcommittees focused on action steps within the school
  • Who: All staff and families in our community
  • Role: Provide feedback, participate in events/trainings, share experiences
Action Teams
  • Improved Access for Children of Color and their Families
  • Diversify Staff
  • Equitable Partnerships
  • Build Community of Learners
How can I be involved? We always are seeking feedback and participation! If you are interested in joining an action team, please sign up at the front desk or email eeu-equity@uw.edu Take our survey We would love to learn more about the experience of all families at the EEU. Our goal is to create a welcoming and supportive community at EEU for each and every family and to meet each child and family’s needs.  We created a survey where you can share what your experience has been at EEU, whether you’re new this school year or have been here for a while. Over the last year, several EEU staff members and families have worked together to create this survey, which we hope will help us better understand your family’s experience. Please consider spending a few minutes to complete our survey and click here.