Family Support

  • The EEU Family Support Program is designed to support parents and caregivers as they navigate the challenging and rewarding journey of raising young children. Through the Family Support Program, we’re pleased to offer the following variety of services, programs, and resources to all families at the EEU. Services in this program are directed toward the needs of caregivers, covering a variety of focuses. 

    Individual Transition Support and Consultation 

    • We know that certain life events, such as learning your child has a developmental delay, specific diagnosis, or is transitioning from one program to another, can leave families with unanswered questions and uncertainty. We provide the information, resources, and support that families need to navigate these events successfully. 
    • Designed to help families make transitions into and out of EEU programs with confidence, they meet individually with the Family Support Coordinator to discuss their questions, need for support, or to identify potential resources. Meetings can be one-time, or ongoing, depending on the needs of the family. 


    • One of the goals of the Family Support Program is to provide families in the EEU community with the resources and materials necessary to make informed decisions about their children’s education and overall family well-being. The Family Support Program can also provide community resources and information available for families.  

    Family & Caregiver Connections and Education 

    • Family education opportunities at the Haring Center, provided by the Family Support Team cover special topics of interest to families and caregivers and sometimes feature guest speakers and local resources/agencies. The information shared at these events is made available through other platforms for those unable to attend.  
    • With the return to more in-person opportunities, the Family Support Program is hosting monthly coffees for families to meet, connect and discuss topics of interest. 

    If you have questions or would like more information about the EEU Family Support Program or these individual services, please feel free to email or contact these Haring Center staff members: 

    Carolyn Cottam 

    Susan Ramage, RN, MN 

    • (206) 221-3364 

    Betsy McAlister, Family Resource Coordinator Early Support (B-3) 

    Kristin Ainslie 

    Kristin Coulter