Part Day

Our part day preschool classrooms are inclusive, with an emphasis on building membership in a community and providing individualized services for diverse learners.

In the part-day classrooms, teachers follow a general education curriculum called Creative Curriculum. This is a unit-based curriculum that provides students with the opportunity to explore a variety of topics while receiving instruction in all academic areas including: literacy, mathematics, fine-motor, gross-motor, and social-emotional. The classroom staff adapt this curriculum to meet the needs of all students, and embed specific learning targets within small or large-group lessons so that all can learn and participate. Our classrooms are play-based, and children are given many opportunities to follow their interests and play with their friends with a variety of materials in and outside of the classroom.

The preschool program emphasizes the development of pre-academic, social, communication and motor skills that enable children to successfully transition to elementary school.

In addition, teams implement systematic instruction to children with special needs. Physical therapists, Occupational therapists and Speech Language Pathologists work with the teaching staff to provide services for students who qualify. Special Education and Related Services are provided by EEU staff through a contract with Seattle Public Schools (SPS). Finally, we offer enhanced services for children and families who qualify for ECEAP (Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program) based on family income and other risk factors. All families and children benefit from the range of these blended services.



A.M. 8:40-11:20 or
P.M. 12:00-3:00

*No Part-Day Preschool on Wednesdays

ECEAP (Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program) is Washington’s pre-kindergarten program that prepares 3- and 4-year-old children from low-income families for success in school and in life. The Depart­ment of Early Learning (DEL) oversees the program. ECEAP has three major components: education, health and nutrition, and family support. ECEAP services are provided through a contract with the city of Seattle. For more information visit the ECEAP website.