Changes to building entry

Starting Monday, September 16th the side door will be locked and all families, guests and visitors will enter through the front door.
One of the ways we are trying to improve safety at the EEU is to change the entry to the building. Some of you know that we have been working on this issue for several years. For several years we have expressed concern about the fact that the side door (across from the CHDD) was open and that people could enter the building without passing by the front desk.
We were finally successful in having the UW move the automatic door opener from the side door (located across from the CHDD) to the front door (across from the hospital). This change allows us to lock the side door and have all entry to the building pass by the front desk.
We are all excited that this safety measure is finally being implemented and wanted to let you all know about the change so you can prepare children for a change in routes as you enter the building.